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Taking a TEFL course opens up a world of opportunities, especially if you are looking to travel the world and get paid at the same time. A UK-TEFL course will qualify you to teach all over the world, so whether you fancy spending your weekends lying on a beach in Asia or exploring Europe’s capital cities during your holidays, you will have the opportunity to travel the world AND get paid at the same time.

Many TEFL jobs offer great salaries and you may have your accommodation and flights paid for by your employer, which means more disposable income for you to spend exploring your new country. Not only does a UK-TEFL qualification open up opportunities for you to travel the world, you will also acquire some great skills to add to your CV. Moving abroad to Teach English as a Foreign Language shows that you are easily adaptable to a wide range of situations which is a desirable attribute to many employers.


Once you have taken a UK-TEFL course your next step will be to find a job. We are here to help! We offer a wide range of paid and volunteer positions on short or long term contracts. Whether you fancy spending your summer teaching EFL at a summer camp or you are looking to move abroad for a year or more, you will find a job to suit you. Many people worry that you need teaching experience and a degree in order to secure a TEFL job, however, this isn’t the case. We have jobs available for complete beginners, and those without a degree as well as opportunities for those more experienced. We regularly update our jobs page to ensure our customers can access the most up to date positions.

Teaching Guides

With so many countries to choose from it can be hard to know where to go. If you are unsure where you would like to teach then why not take a look at our teaching guides. Here you will find up to date information on the demand for teachers, how to find work, where EFL teachers live as well as how to spend your free time to ensure you see the best sites the country has to offer.

Get Inspired!

Take a look at our related news articles which feature UK-TEFL graduates who are now teaching all over the globe. If you are not sure where to teach reading the travel guides, and real-life stories may give you the inspiration to start applying for jobs.

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