News & Stories/2020

Ultimate TEFL Bucket List

The Grand Canal (Venice, Italy)

Surely the best way to explore Venice is gliding down The Grand Canal in a gondola, taking in the sights of the city. You’ll be introduced to splendid palaces, churches and bridges that line the city’s canals. Unfortunately, scientists fear that due to global warming, it’s not going to be around forever, so go now and count yourself lucky that you’ve experienced it! 

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is the world’s most famous monument in honour of love, and is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. UNESCO documented more than 2 million visitors in 2001, which had increased to about 7–8 million in 2014. Located just south of the city of Agra, on the banks of the River Yamuna, the Taj Mahal remains one of the world’s most recognised examples of Mughal style architecture. If you’re still not convinced it’s worth the visit, the Taj Mahal has been showcased in many movies in India and Hollywood adding glitz and glamour to the place.

Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Angkor Wat is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia and is Cambodia’s most beloved and best preserved temple. Stretching over 500 acres it is one of the largest religious monuments in the world. UNESCO has set up a wide-ranging programme to safeguard this symbolic site and its surroundings. Visiting the masterpiece of Angkor Wat really is a trip of a lifetime, so for all those TEFL-ers heading out to Asia, make sure you include a visit in your travel itinerary.

Galapagos Islands

South America is a hugely popular place to TEFL so if you’re travelling to this part of the world make sure you take a trip to the Galapagos Islands! Located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and its surrounding waters are a national park, a biological marine preserve, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re a nature lover this really is a dream location as here you will find an abundance of unique species such as the giant tortoise and marine lizard.

Christ the Redeemer

If you watched the Rio Olympics you will have no doubt seen Christ the Redeemer many times on your TV screen, as it is often seen as the symbol of Rio De Janeiro. Not only is it the largest art deco statue in the world it was also voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. The views from the base of the statue are fantastic and at night it is lit up and appears to hover over the city as the mountain it stands on is dark. Since being built in 1931 modern luxuries such as escalators and elevators have been added to ease the stair climb for tourists, so there is no excuse to not make the trip up there!