News & Stories/2020

Top 5 Cheapest Places to TEFL


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to TEFL, and with beautiful beaches, delicious food and a vibrant capital city, it is easy to see why. Top that all off with affordable living, and you have found a top teaching destination.  In Bangkok you can find a studio apartment for as little as £90 a month, head up north to Chang Mai and you could pay as little as £20. With salaries averaging at £600 a month for inexperienced TEFL teachers, you are left with plenty of spending money for time off and weekends away. Bargain hostels, 60p beers and buses that take you half the length of the country for what you would pay to go down the road at home, mean that exploring Thailand is a fun and affordable way to spend your weekends and holidays.


You will find few places in the world cheaper to live than Cambodia. Here you’ll be able to have a meal in a restaurant for as little as £1.20 and a beer for just 60p. You’ll even be able to eat cheaper than that if you head to the markets and street stalls for food.  The average monthly TEFL salary in Cambodia is £700, however with the average apartment costing £120 a month you could easily live on £300 a month. You will have plenty of disposable income, meaning you’ll be able to afford a very comfortable lifestyle with lots of social activities and money to spend exploring the country and further afield.


Incredible beaches, hiking and wildlife spotting are just some of the things that make Ecuador an amazing location to teach English, and the bonus is you won’t need to spend a fortune to have a good time here. If you decide to settle in Quito expect the cost of living to be higher than the rest of the country. A city centre apartment will cost approximately £250 a month, however if you head outside the city prices drop significantly with home stays for as little as £80 a month with food included. The average TEFL salary is low, at approximately £500 per month but it is more than enough to live on and have money left over to spend on socialising and sightseeing.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has some of the best rain forests on the planet, along with incredible surfing and active volcanoes; there are whole host of reasons to head to Costa Rica. With the average salary at £500 a month, wages may not seem high but the cost of living is very low so you will have more than enough money to live on. A restaurant meal will cost as little as £1.20 and a two hour bus journey from San Jose to either coast will only cost you £2. This means your free time can be spent exploring the country!


Vietnam is a popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking scenery, mountains, national parks, beaches and rich history. It’s no wonder people move out there to teach English, it really does have the it all! The average price for an apartment is £120 a month and with salaries at an average of £1000 per month, significantly higher than the rest of the countries on this list, you’ll have enough money to make sure life in Vietnam never gets boring. Another bonus is that you will find plenty of teaching jobs available as the country is in desperate need of English speakers to tutor both adults and children. A third of the population lives under the poverty line and speaking English is a huge advantage in breaking free of poverty.

If you could see yourself working and living in one of these countries, take the first step and book onto one of our TEFL courses today!