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TEFL Jobs Summer 2017 (short term contracts)

Short Term TEFL Jobs

Location : Various
Start Date : July/August 2017
Length of contract: 6 or 7 weeks
Type of program: Activity camps
Accommodation : Provided
Wage: £333.60-£367.20 Per Week
Age Group: 12-15 year olds

Location : Various regions in Italy 
Start Date : Beginning of June 2017
Length of contract: 2-4 weeks
Number of jobs: 50
Type of school : Residential Immersion Course for Children
Accommodation : Provided
Medical Insurance :Provided
Wage: 450 Euro per each two week camp

TEFL Monitor - Spain
Location : El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
Start Date : June 2017-September 2017
Length of contract: 1-4 weeks
Number of jobs: 100
Type of school : Summer Camp
Accommodation :Provided
Medical Insurance :Provided
Wage: €325 per week
Camp TEFL Teacher - Spain
Location : El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
Start Date : June 2017-August 2017
Length of contract :1-4 weeks
Number of jobs :100
Type of school : Summer Camp
Accommodation : Provided
Medical Insurance : Provided
Wage: €550 per week

Costa Rica
Location : Guanacaste Region and Central Valley of San Jose
Start Date : Here are the start dates, please follow the links for the date you wish to start :
June 1st 2017
June 15th 2017
June 29th 2017
November 1st 2017
January 1st 2018
Length of contract: 3 weeks - 3 months
Type of program: Volunteer teaching position
Accommodation : Provided
Wage: Volunteer Position 
Age Group: Children/Teenagers 

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