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TEFL CV Tips! Your passport to a great career!

There’s no doubt about it, your CV is an extremely important document. An employer may see hundreds of CVs for any one position, so it’s paramount that yours stands out from the rest. Once you have your TEFL qualification, it’s time to start thinking about the job search. This can be daunting for anyone, but that’s where we come into play! Feel free to read ahead if you would like some TEFL-tastic tips on how to improve your CV.

Top Tips

  • Only include necessary information: An employer doesn’t need to know your marital status or whether you have a driving license. If this information is required, they will ask at the interview stage.
  • 2 Pages: No CV should be longer than 2 pages long. Is your employment history taking up too much space? No problem – only go into detail on your most recent or most relevant jobs, simply list the others.
  • Tailor for each job: It’s highly important that you don’t just send out the same CV when you are applying for different jobs – tailor them for each individual job role that you apply for.
  • Include relevant skills and interests: It’s important to show how your past jobs have helped you to develop relevant skills. Writing a short paragraph about your interests will show that you have hobbies outside of work and you may even have developed skills needed for your job through these hobbies.


Follow this simple structure when preparing your CV.

  • Personal Information (full name, contact number, email, address) You may find that some TEFL jobs have age restrictions. For these, include your date of birth in this section.
  • Profile Here is your chance to stand out from the crowd. This short paragraph should include your career aspirations and should grab the employer's attention.
  • Qualifications Start with the most recent. They shouldn't take up too much space - for example, if you have 10 GCSE's don't list them! Simply state "10 GCSE's A*-C."
  • Employment History Again, start with the most recent. This is a good chance to show the skills that you have developed whilst working in certain roles. When stating your responsibilities for each role, include skills.
  • Interests Show the employer that you don't just live to work! I'm pretty sure that your days off aren't spent sat around waiting for your next working day. Like surfing? Perhaps you enjoy craft or a certain sport. Be unique and be YOU!
  • References You have an option here - either list one or two references or simply state "References available upon request" in order to save space. If the employer likes the look of your CV and would like to speak to a reference, they will get in touch!

So now you have tips on how to write your CV, there’s only one question left to ask – where are you going to let your TEFL qualification take you? The world is full of beautiful countries, each with different elements that set them apart from the rest, so make sure you are adventurous! Take a look at our travel guides for some further inspiration.

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