News & Stories/2020

Pilar's TEFL journey in Peru

Where and when did you take a UK-TEFL course?

I took the 2 Day Standard Course on the 21st-22nd October and the 2 Day Advanced Course on the 10th-11th December 2016 in London.

How would you rate your course?
Very good.

What drew you to taking a UK-TEFL course? 
I wanted to learn new games for students and refresh methodology.

What are you are doing now?
I am an English teacher in Peru, have a degree in education and I have been working for more than 10 years.

My students are from the business career and one of the requirements is spoken English.

What is your favourite part of Teaching English as a Foreign Language?
How students understand and practice the language in their style - fascinating!

What are your future plans?
I would like to become a better teacher.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to Teach English as a Foreign Language?
• Have tons of patience and be open to learn from your students.
• It is important to bring a big smile to your classes.
• You should know your student's interest; it makes you connect with your pupils.
• You need to give your best every single class and you should stay organised.
• It is lovely to share experiences with your colleagues; many times they bring you new ideas of games and activities.
• Before travelling to your new place, you should make a research of customs and food.

Would you recommend taking a UK-TEFL Course?

Is Pilar's experience inspiring you to gain your TEFL qualification?
The sooner you become TEFL qualified, the sooner you can jet off to build your career in your dream location!

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