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Luke's TEFL experience in Albania and internationally

Luke took a Standard TEFL Course December 2015 in London. 

How would you rate your course?


What drew you to taking a UK-TEFL course?

I was already teaching and working internationally, I studied Drama and English at University and I was teaching Drama mostly and thought that learning how to teach English alongside Drama would be a unique and original way of teaching.

Tell us what you are doing now? Can you describe a typical day as an EFL teacher?

I am currently holding the position of the Chair for UK Rotaract (RGBI). Alongside this I am playing a leading role within PeaceJam UK; an international peace programme working alongside young people and Nobel Peace Laureates. Within this I mentor and work with around 200 young people.

I have considerable and growing experience in conflict resolution work with young people, both nationally and internationally.

I was recently elected as the youngest serving member of the Council for the International Peace Bureau. 

I have taught English online via Skype with Chinese students and this was the first use of my TEFL course, I am also a Drama teacher within the UK and have tried to create lessons around skills-based learning. I had my first proper TEFL experience in Albania where I was able to teach an English lesson to around 25 children, it was great.

I work part-time as a carer for older and vulnerable people.

What is your favourite part of Teaching English as a Foreign Language?

Being able to teach a transferable skill to others is such a great feeling and is very rewarding.

Why did you choose your teaching location? What is your favourite thing about living there?

I chose it because we were doing a charity project within the school and it felt fitting to also teach the young people.

What are your future plans?

To continue in the work I am doing and expand my TEFL experience.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to Teach English as a Foreign Language?

Definitely do it, it was so useful for me not just for the practical sense of learning the skill of teaching English but I learnt a lot about myself too.

Would you recommend taking a UK-TEFL Course?


Any other Comments

Stu was my TEFL teacher and he was hugely inspiring for me.

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