News & Stories/2020

Emmanuel's TEFL plans in China

Emmanuel took an Advanced TEFL Course February 2016 in London and is soon to be teaching in China.

How would you rate your course?


What drew you to taking a UK-TEFL course?

Already done the introduction/foundation with another TEFL training provider, so this was a natural progression. I had some teaching qualifications and skills, so wanted to develop them.

Tell us what you are doing now? Can you describe a typical day as an EFL teacher?

Still at Cambridge but I have secured a job offer to work with EF in China, Hangzhou. I will be starting in March 2017.

What is your favourite part of Teaching English as a Foreign Language?

Interacting with students.

Why did you choose your teaching location? What is your favourite thing about living there?

The company appears to have promising job prospects.

What are your future plans?

Work as a tutor whilst I carry on with my academic research part-time, perhaps I will move on to teach in higher and further education.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to Teach English as a Foreign Language?

If they have a passion for teaching, then this is an outlet to get into the profession, even if it means going overseas to actually teach. That experience will be invaluable.

Any Other Comments

The TEFL qualification is just the beginning, there is so much to learn, but it is a start and the possibilities thereafter could be limitless for the ambitious.

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