News & Stories/2020

Doreen's TEFL experience in the UK and in France

Doreen took the Standard TEFL Course July 2016 in London and has continued to live and work in the UK, but also helped at a refugee camp in Calais.

How would you rate your course?


What drew you to taking a UK-TEFL course?

I wanted to use it in my work and in travel.

Tell us what you are doing now? Can you describe a typical day as an EFL teacher?

I was a Learning Support Assistant in a secondary school. I am now a Literacy Interventions/Media Assistant. I now am based in the English department and work with children who have special needs and children with EAL (which is increasing).
Outside school I went to Calais and helped at the refugee camp to help children learn English.

What is your favourite part of Teaching English as a Foreign Language?

Seeing the children learn and develop their confidence.

What are your future plans?

To develop my English and probably travel more in the future and teach.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to Teach English as a Foreign Language?

Get as much experience as possible.

Would you recommend taking a UK-TEFL Course?


Any other Comments

I really enjoyed my course and my teacher was truly amazing. Glad I did it.

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