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Apply now for Summer Camp Jobs!

Would you like to spend your summer in a different country helping others to learn the English language? Teaching at a summer camp is a great way to explore another country and gain international work experience in a short period of time – perfect for students on their summer break or those who fancy a few weeks away from home.

Many people tend to think of America when they hear the words ‘summer camp’. Nowadays summer camps are becoming more and more popular in different countries all around the world! If you are someone with a lot of energy and can be creative when planning activities, then a summer camp may be a great option for you!

Reasons to work at a summer camp

  • Short term – If you’re not someone who wants to make the move abroad long term, a summer camp is a great option for you as the contracts are usually only for a month or less.
  • International experience – Summer camp teaching is a great thing to put on your CV. It shows that you are not afraid to go out of your comfort zone in a different country and proves your leadership and planning skills.
  • Camp spirit – So you’ve all seen the American movies, and summer camps look like great fun! Imagine sitting around the campfire, planning competitive sporting competitions and being able to get creative with your lessons.
  • Fun – The children who attend summer camps often aren’t just there to learn the English language, but also to have fun! Spending a few weeks or months helping someone have a great summer sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Summer Camp Jobs

ESL Camp Teacher - Costa Rica

Location : Guanacaste Region and Central Valley of San Jose
Start Date : June 29th
Schedule: 8am-1pm Monday through Friday
Class Size: 20-25 students Length of contract: 5 weeks
Type of program: Volunteer teaching position
Accommodation :Provided
Wage: Volunteer Position
Age Group: Kids and Teenagers


TEFL Monitor - Spain

Location : El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
Start Date :June 2017-September 2017
Length of contract: 1-4 weeks
Number of jobs: 100
Type of school : Summer Camp
Accommodation :Provided
Flights : Not provided
Medical Insurance :Provided
Wage: €325 per week


Camp TEFL Teacher - Spain

Location : El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
Start Date : June 2017-August 2017
Length of contract :1-4 weeks
Number of jobs :100
Type of school : Summer Camp
Accommodation : Provided
Flights : Not provided
Medical Insurance : Provided
Wage: €550 per week


Summer Camp Teacher - Italy

Location : Various regions in Italy
Start Date : Beginning of June
Length of contract: 2-4 weeks
Number of jobs: 50
Working Hours:  Monday-Friday from 8.30am - 4.30pm
Age Restrictions: 19-33 year old
Type of school : Residential Immersion Course for Kids
Accommodation : Provided
Flights : Not provided
Medical Insurance :Provided
Wage: 450 Euro (£377) per each two week camp

If none of these locations take your fancy, why not search for summer camps online?

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