News & Stories/2020

5 Strange Attractions from Around the World

Cat Island, Ishinomaki, Japan
An island full of cats! Is this a dream? There are a number of small islands in Ishinomaki, Japan, that are referred to as ‘cat islands’, where there are six cats for every one human. Maybe if you’re a crazy cat person (like me) this is somewhere you just HAVE to put on your bucket list – or perhaps not if you’re not so keen on the feline population.

Swing at the End of the World, Banos, Ecuador
Here’s one for the thrill seekers. Sit on the ‘swing at the end of the world’ and watch the ground disappear from beneath your feet. Once out in the open you will be 100 feet up with the beautiful views of a volcano in the distance. Don’t let go though, with no harnesses this swing definitely isn’t for children – or the faint hearted.

Ramen Museum, Shiojiri, Japan
Whilst at university I ate noodles at least every other day like most students  – and why not when they’re 50p per packet – so this place sounds like a little piece of heaven to me. Three whole floors dedicated to noodles! Make your way through the museum, looking at old advertisements and seeing replicas of noodle factories before choosing to eat the dish itself at one of NINE restaurants located throughout this noodle ‘theme park’.

59 Rivoli, Paris, France
If you’re a fan of art then this one is for you! In November 1999 three men managed to gain entry to a building that had been abandoned for fifteen years. After a massive clean-up they made it into a place for artists to be creative. Today the 59 Rivoli is home to thirty artists who present their work to the public six days a week, and host free concerts every weekend.

Temple of Rats, Deshnok, India
Although considered vermin in the UK, rats are actually seen as being sacred in India. People come from all over the world to visit the temple, which is home to over 20,000 rats! The temple was built as a tribute to the rat goddess Karni Mata. The legend is that Karni Mata’s son tragically died but was reincarnated as a rat, which is why the four-legged creatures are deemed as being sacred. So, if spending your day with thousands of rats scurrying across your feet is something that sounds appealing to you, you now know where to go!

So there you go! If you like the stranger things in life then maybe one of these attractions is somewhere you’d like to visit? However, if none of these have tickled your fancy then there are hundreds more weird and wonderful attractions around the world, but I’d have been here writing this blog for another 10 years if I were to mention all of them!

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