News & Stories/2020

5 Reasons to do a TEFL Course whilst at University

So, you’re at university, probably reading this blog as a means of procrastination (yes, you should probably make a start on that essay after reading this), with a bowl of pasta and cheese in your hand. Why not think about doing something interesting with your summer?

Here are 5 reasons you should consider attending a TEFL course:

Travel & Earn
A TEFL qualification could take you almost anywhere in the world. Got a bucket list of places you’d like to visit? This would be the perfect time to tick one of those off your list! With a TEFL qualification comes the opportunity to earn money doing something you love – being paid to have fun sounds great, doesn’t it?

You may not have thought of this but whilst at university you have access to hundreds of key contacts. The student union is a good place to start – they will have their own bank of contacts and may be able to help with finding work. Universities are also a good place to meet students from overseas, who may need help with learning English themselves or know someone who does – you could be living right next door to potential customers!

International Experience
Whether you use your TEFL qualification to work abroad over summer or take a year out, you will gain international experience to take with you wherever you go. The world is full of different cultures, foods, music, clothing – the list is endless – so go out there and make some memories!

Enhance your CV
You’ll already have been told hundreds of times by different lecturers and seminar tutors that the job market is highly competitive, but you don’t realise just how competitive it is until you start applying for jobs.
A TEFL qualification and teaching experience will be invaluable in helping you to stand out against other job applicants – and of course give you something to talk about at interviews. You will have also gained desirable skills throughout your time teaching such as confidence and presentation skills, as well as time management and preparation skills from completing tasks such as lesson plans.

Someone who has had experience working and living in another country will be seen as flexible by employers, which is a must in today’s ever growing international market.

A Qualification is Forever!
For our TEFL qualification, 2-3 days attending a course is all that is required to be able to teach abroad. So, whilst you may currently only be thinking about going to China or Spain this summer, perhaps you may want to try a South American country or somewhere else next summer?

It may sound cliché but the opportunities really are endless with a TEFL qualification. You will recieve a FREE Finding Work Guide to help with your first steps in moving abroad and landing your dream job, as well as a FREE CV MOT to make sure your CV is in tip-top condition for bagging your ideal role! If this sounds like something that is totally up your street then take a look at our upcoming courses! The sooner you get started, the sooner you can earn money and make memories.