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Teaching assistant positions in different locations in Spain to collaborate in schools from October 2019 until the 31st May 2020.

Around 20-22 hours a week teaching in infant, primary or secondary schools. The timetable would normally be between 08.00 and 17.30, Monday to Friday.

The teaching assistant will be given a timetable at the beginning of the course and sufficient induction about the role and the TA will work collaboratively and professionally with the teachers in the classrooms, as well as other teaching staff, to maintain and support a positive, nurturing, safe, healthy and inclusive classroom environment that supports learning based on children's needs and interests. The TA will assist with preparing and implementing lesson plans. This will lead to expanding the children's English learning and understanding by providing language development opportunities.

The teaching assistant will receive all the support needed at the school and he/she will be assigned a personal tutor during the whole internship.

Where you can go: Once you are accepted onto the program, you will choose one of the schools available for you from regions in Spain such as Madrid, Cataluña, Galicia, Navarra, Andalucia, etc.


  • To have a native-speaker level of English.
  • To have a university degree (desirable)
  • A qualification in teaching English as a Foreign Language is recommended too.
  • Any type of previous experience of working with children is also valued


  • To have a friendly personality and good communication skills.
  • To be communicative and empathetic, to be flexible, adaptable, to be proactive, and a team worker.
  • To be motivated and enthusiastic with a desire to learn and participate.
  • To add value in relation to language and culture and to be open and dynamic.


Grant of up to 745 euros/month or equivalent with the possibility of earning extra money as the terms and conditions do not oblige exclusivity, as long as the economic activity does not interfere with the terms and conditions of the grant.


The teaching assistant will receive all necessary support and help with the formalities and administrative requirements related to the role and also in finding accommodation, prior to arrival, and during the whole participation in our program. Guide through the immigration process on coming to Spain.

The assistant teacher will receive all the support needed and will be assigned to an UP agent during the whole placement.

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