Course Overview & Dates

Designed for those who have already taken our 2 day Standard course, or had previous TEFL experience, the Advanced course is the next step to further your TEFL training. Taking the Advanced course along with the Standard course will enhance your career prospects and your TEFL certificate will make you stand out to future employers as you will have the edge over other candidates. The course will also be a great addition to your CV. 

On this course  you will learn how to tailor your lessons to specific learners by focusing on more specialist areas of TEFL, such as teaching business English or young learners as well as discipline in the classroom and advanced grammar. Like the Standard course you will plan your own lesson and present to the rest of the group as if they were real EFL students. The Advanced course is ran over 2 days and you will be assessed on your teaching practice on the second day. 

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The Advanced course focuses on specific areas of TEFL training such as key business topics, one to one teaching and how to tailor your lessons to young learners. You will also cover complex aspects of grammar such as phrasal verbs, collocations and dependent prepositions as well as games and tasks to liven up teaching these complex topics. For more information on what is covered in the course, you will find our Advanced course timetable below.

Day 1

Start Finish Subject Area Details
09.00 10.00 Business Icebreakers A demonstration of some warm-up activities that are relevant to a business context. A discussion of how these tasks can create good classroom atmosphere.
10.00 10.45 Telephone Tasks Having some mock telephone conversations helps show the difference between everyday English and business English.
10.45 11.00 Break
11.00 12.45 Key Business Topics Teaching the core topics that appear on most business English syllabi - including meetings, presentations and emails
12.45 13.45 Lunch
13.45 14.30 Young Learners Looking at some of the most effective techniques for teaching small children. An example lesson on how to teach 'parts of the body'
14.30 15.15 Discipline A discussion of the different punishments and incentives that can be used in the classroom.
15.15 15.30 Break
15.30 16.00 Lesson Practice Preparation Break off into pairs or small groups and prepare a lesson aimed at young learners
16.00 17.30 Lesson Practice One Take turns to perform the lesson to the class
17.30 18.00 Feedback Discuss and evaluate the lesson as a group. The trainer will also give feedback,

Day 2

Start Finish Subject Area Details
09.00 10.00 Teaching one-to-one classes This will help you determine the level of your student and tailor your lessons accordingly
10.00 10.45 Mini Presentations Everybody must stand up and give a short presentation about a topic of their choice
10.45 11.00 Break
11.00 12.45 One-to-one Resources A look at the best tools to use when teaching one-to-one sessions. This can be completely different to teaching big groups so you will learn what to bear in mind when teaching one student.
12.45 13.45 Lunch
13.45 14.45 Lexical Features Teaching more complex aspects of grammar such as phrasal verbs, collocations and dependent prepositions.
14.45 15.15 Advanced Grammar Activities Games and tasks to liven up complex topics. Particulalry useful for advanced learners
15.15 15.30 Break
15.30 16.00 Lesson Practice Preparation Break off into pairs or small groups and prepare a lesson aimed at advanced learners.
16.00 17.30 Lesson Practice Two Take turns to perform lessons to the class.
17.30 18.00 Feedback Discuss the lessons and course as a whole. The trainer will answer questions.

Who is the course for?

The Advanced course is designed for those who have taken a TEFL course before or have had experience teaching English as a foreign language. If you have previously taken our standard course you will receive a third off our Advanced course should you want to further your training.  

The Advanced course is designed for those who have

• Taken the 2 day standard course 
• Have experience teaching English as a foreign language 
• Taken a TEFL course with another provider 

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What's Included?

All students who take this course will receive an internationally recognised certificate and access to our jobs service, where you will find job opportunities across the globe. You can apply for as many jobs as you wish. If you have never applied for a teaching job before and don’t know where to start with your CV, then UK-TEFL are here to help. We offer a CV MOT service to all our customers to ensure your CV is in tip top shape before applying for work.  We also offer a range of teaching aids from TEFL manuals and games to assist you when you start teaching and these can be purchased through our TEFL shop. 

What do I get? 

• UK-TEFL internationally recognised certificate
• Finding Work Guide
• Option to take further training
• Access to our jobs service

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You will be assessed on a teaching practice as there is no exam as part of the course. You will do two teaching practices, one on the first day and one on the second day, and you will be assessed on both days. You will be given a topic by your tutor and you will plan the lesson and deliver it to the rest of the group, presenting to the class as if they are real foreign students. Your peers will give you feedback on your lesson and you will watch and feedback on theirs.  

Many people wonder how you can teach English to foreign students without knowing how to speak their language. You will see how this works by learning some key phrases in a new language without the use of English translation. By the end of the course you will have taught two lessons at the appropriate level of your students and be confident about teaching lessons in the future.

Lesson Practice Assessment Criteria. 

• Was the target language used? 
• Did the student encourage high student talk time? 
• Were the students engaged? 
• Was it presented clearly ? 
• Did it flow from one activity to the next?
• Did it maintain a positive learning atmosphere? 
• Were the main objectives of the lesson achieved? 
• Was the lesson organised effectively?
• Were handouts, pictures and board work clear

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Finding Work

Once you have completed your course the next step for many is to secure a job. All UK-TEFL customers will get access to our jobs portal, where you will find jobs all over the world, with many offering great salaries, accommodation, progression opportunities plus many other perks. 

If you are looking for teaching and travel advice, why not browse our travel guides to help you decide where you would like to teach. All our travel guides include information on how to find work, salaries, where you can expect to live and the main sights to explore. 

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Here are what our students thought of the course

Nikki Martin-Jones Advanced TEFL Course, London October 2016 Alex [Herrington] is very knowledgeable and helpful, gave a well paced delivery.

George Doytchev  Advanced Course, London July 2016  I have worked as a teacher of English in Bulgaria for about 18 years working with Bulgarian students and adults. I really enjoyed my TEFL course. Thank you so much!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are any particular qualifications required to enrol on the course?

You will need to have taken the Standard course or have some previous TEFL experience. Although you don’t need to be a native English speaker we do also ask that you are fluent in English. 

Do I take an exam?

There is no written exam, you will be assessed on your teaching practice on the final day of the course. You will be given a topic and you will plan a lesson and teach to the rest of the group as if they were real EFL students. Your lesson will last approximately 10 minutes. 

Can I fail the course?

Although possible to fail, it is rare and our courses have a pass rate of around 99 per cent. In our experience, the only people who fail are those who are not suited to becoming a teacher. As our Advanced course is for people who have taken the Standard course or had experience teaching English as a foreign language the students are well prepared for the course and generally have no problems. If you do fail the course there is an option to retake your course for a reduced fee.

Are there any materials to accompany the course?

Although not essential, we would highly recommend purchasing the Advanced TEFL Teaching Pack which contains everything you need to prepare yourself before stepping out into the TEFL world.  Our well stocked TEFL Shop has books on all aspects of TEFL teaching so if there is any area you feel you need to brush up on you will no doubt find a suitable book for you.  

How far in Advance do I need to book the course?

You can enrol on a course any time until midnight the day before, however, we highly recommend you book at least two weeks in advance, subject to availability.

How do I pay?

You can pay with all major debit/credit cards. You can pay by booking online or over the phone by speaking to a member of the TEFL team. 

What is the minimum age to attend the course?

You must be aged sixteen or over to enrol on a UK-TEFL course.

Is UK-TEFL an accredited training provider?

Yes, UK-TEFL is a platinum Approved Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) Centre, which means all our courses are endorsed by TQUK.  TQUK is a national awarding body and is regulated by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). 

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Course Dates

Course title Date and Location
Advanced TEFL Course 7 December 2019 / London Regents University Select Course