Why Choose Us?

UK-TEFL - Celebrating more than a decade in the TEFL industry

UK-TEFL celebrated a decade in the TEFL industry in 2017, making us one of the most established, trusted and recognised TEFL trainers within the UK.

We have come a long way in the past ten years, which started with offering the Standard TEFL course in classrooms in London, which has now expanded to running the courses all over the UK, with our online courses available anywhere in the world.

In 2011 we became the first, and remain the only TEFL trainer, to offer an Advanced TEFL training course in a classroom. This gives our Standard TEFL course graduates the opportunity to develop and expand the skills already gained in the initial training. In the last 6 years, the Advanced TEFL course is not only popular with our students, but also with recruiters worldwide.

Since then the Online Grammar Course and Online TEFL Course have been great additions to our course offerings, giving the opportunity for our students to learn anywhere in the world, at their own pace, and gain the knowledge to land their dream jobs.

Worldwide UK-TEFL Training Course Certification

Here at UK-TEFL, we are inundated with schools worldwide who are looking for our graduates due to the proven quality of candidates we provide due to the training courses we offer.

We have listened to what the recruiters and schools abroad look for when they are considering employment, and created two-course packages for 2017 which have increased employability, giving you the skills required, and the confidence needed to Teach English as a Foreign Language.

All courses are endorsed by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), which are regulated by Ofqual.

TEFL Jobs for everyone

When you apply for a TEFL Job through UK-TEFL it is clear what the employer is looking for, and you are given a thorough description of what your new life might look like. We offer a full range of paid and unpaid TEFL roles, as well as long and short-term.

We love hearing back from our past students and you can find inspirational stories in the news/stories section of the website.

UK-TEFL are constantly updating, reviewing and adding new TEFL Jobs to our website for our past students to apply for.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

At the end of 2016, UK-TEFL trained over 21,000 people in the past decade through our classroom-based TEFL training courses, and over 9,000 have taken one of our online training courses.

Over the past decade, UK-TEFL has become one of the most established and trusted TEFL trainers based in the UK. We are proud to have so many past students teaching all over the globe and look forward to going from strength to strength in the coming years.