TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification - further information 

Becoming an EFL teacher can be a relatively easy process, but as with any type of educational job you need to become qualified before you can enter the field. Most TEFL courses are relatively short and they can generally be done over a weekend with an online element, so if you do have some spare time and you are considering this as a potential career change, it’s quite easy to get started on your way to becoming an EFL teacher.

What do I need to do to obtain TEFL certification?
If you are looking to become TEFL qualified then you will have to undergo a training course. These courses are designed to give you the basic skills and knowledge that you will need to work effectively as an EFL teacher in addition to providing you with advice on how to apply for jobs in the field.

There are two TEFL packages that are the most popular, both offer a combined learning experience, leaving you confident in the skills gained and attractive to recruiters worldwide.

Some of the skills that you could expect to learn from a TEFL course include:

  • Learning how to plan lessons
  • Learning where to look for EFL jobs and how to apply for them
  • Discussing any potential problems that may arise during EFL teaching and how to deal with them
  • Learning how to focus your teaching to deal with different languages and cultures
  • Using a classroom based approach to drive home the key skills required for EFL teaching

How can I find work?
Once you have obtained TEFL certification you will undoubtedly be keen to get started and finding a job! Finding work as an EFL teacher can be relatively easy, if you know where to look. UK-TEFL can help you with your job search, as anyone that completes training with us will get access to our TEFL Jobs listed on this website.