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Apply for teaching jobs in Central & North America

Everybody who takes a classroom UK-TEFL course is given access to our TEFL Connections service.

TEFL Connections is the quick and hassle-free way to find your dream EFL job. You will be given access to up to date recruiters worldwide who are recruiting right now! These are the people who process your application and are best placed to answer any questions you may have. This eliminates the need for any middle men and puts you straight in touch with the people who matter.




Good opportunities pretty much wherever you go but in San Jose, in particular. Expect to be paid up to £500 per month but remember, the cost of living is VERY low.
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This is, traditionally, one of the best countries for the first-time EFL teacher. English teaching is a large industry in Mexico, particularly in Mexico City, so you will find good jobs and relatively good salaries. Expect salaries from £600 per month, including accommodation.
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Enrol onto a UK-TEFL course and  use our TEFL Connections Service to land your dream job!